EvenTech Alliance Conference 2016
"Digital Transformation in the Event Industry"

The first event of Eventech Alliance on "The Digital Transformation in the Event Industry" was an overwhelming success. On September 19th in the design studio in Munich, nearly 80 guests from the event industry discussed the status-quo of digitization in the event area, and the latest developments, including future requirements of the industry. 

In addition to exciting lectures by industry experts such as Stephan Peyer, Chief Development Officer of MCH Group AG, Dr. Holger Feist, Chief Strategy Officer of Messe München and Gunnar Heinrich, CEO of adventics GmbH, participants immersed themselves in related topics in the afternoon workshops.

"We are pleased with the success of the first EvenTech Alliance conference and thank you for the many inspiring conversations with our guests. Such events help us to better adapt our products to the needs of organizers and in particular their participants. For this reason also the beginning of the EvenTech Alliance emerged. Together with our partners Heidelberg Mobil and Eventbase we have our offer for operators bundled to offer one-stop, the complex requirements of event management, "said Prof. Cai-Nicolas Ziegler, CEO of XING Events GmbH.

Digital transformation requires a change in the sector

Stephan Peyer, Chief Development Officer of MCH Group Ltd., said in his keynote that everything let be mapped digitally, would be available. Therefore, it is high time to take advantage of digitization in order to develop more attractive event for visitors segments. Live marketing and face-to-face would be the central means of communication. 

Maleen Glockzin, project manager of BMW Welt brand events, showed how to achieve success in reaching the digitization potential participants from a specific target group in order to generate high-quality leads. The BMW Welt relies on different marketing solutions of networking events and could generate for the event series BMW WELCOMES the BMW Welt so within one week over 160 confirmed participants.

Ewa Ming, Managing Director, EMEX Management GmbH: "I appreciate to attend this special event today. We have worked long and hard to digitize with the support of networking events the Suisse EMEX. I am very pleased that the EvenTech Alliance has created a format in which we share with other colleagues from the exhibition segment on this very important issue and we mutually benefit from the experience. "

Successful Digital Business often need partners

With "the world is going digital," declared Gunnar Heinrich, CEO of adventics GmbH, it requires a rethinking of the corporate culture. Digital Business functions differently from the classic exhibition business, which is why specialists should be trained and a separate digital unit that is responsible for building and operating the digital business, should be established.

Markus von der Luehe, founder of innovative Festivals Year of the X, spoke about the five principles for successful events in the 21st century. He clarified that no one need another boring conference. Rather, events should be emotional, surprising and interactive and apply the principle of psychology in the field events makes sense.

Dr. Holger Feist, Chief Strategy Officer of Messe München, pointed to the opportunities of the digital transformation of the exhibition business through improved internal processes, new communication channels and new services and business models. With increasing digitization, the exhibition would for permanent marketing tool and thus for companies more attractive.

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