EvenTech Alliance Symposium establishes itself as a top-class industry event

Experts highlight the digitisation of the event industry from different angles


The EvenTech Alliance is growing - new partner, more participants than 2016

Communicating digital trends for event organizers in a practical way

Interactive workshops and ample opportunities for networking

Munich, September 26, 2017 - The new edition of the EvenTech Alliance Symposium on September 21 (www.eventech-alliance.com) was a great success. Nearly 100 guests from the events industry accepted the invitation to the DesignOffices in the Highlight Towers in Munich. The overarching theme of the event was "Digital Trends in the Event Industry", with a particular focus on future challenges and new legal requirements. In addition to in-depth lectures by experts from various fields, in the afternoon participants could choose from a range of different workshops focussing on topics crucial to their daily work.

The EvenTech Alliance – which to date consisted of Heidelberg Mobil, Eventbase and XING Events – this year was joined by a new partner, ADITUS GmbH, whose core expertise rests with visitor management for international trade fairs.

"We founded the EvenTech Alliance to bundle and simplify the job of event organizers, by offering the complex requirements of event management from a single source", says Prof. Dr. med. Cai-Nicolas Ziegler, CEO of XING Events GmbH. "With ADITUS, we are able to expand this range of services and are thus able to provide competent support to an even larger range of organisers and events."


From content marketing over artificial intelligence to data protection

Michael Heipel, Concept & Consulting, opened the series of expert talks with an inspiring presentation on content marketing as part of the marketing mix. Michael illustrated how to generate interest for your event in a way that resonates with the most relevant and valuable target audiences.

Then, in his keynote Prof. Dr. Cai-Nicolas Ziegler, XING Events GmbH, presented interesting insights into the event marketing. Based on a recent study by XING Events, he showed the effectiveness of different channels and how participants look for events.

"Watson, take over! Artificial intelligence in conjunction with event technology "- under this title, Michael Würdemann, Senior Technical Sales Manager DACH, IBM Germany GmbH, illustrated where artificial intelligence is already being used and what services it can provide for event organisers in the future.

Lars Milde, Senior Marketing Manager DACH & Eastern Europe, Tableau Software, emphasised the importance of data analysis and visualisation. Data is often gathered automatically during the event lifecycle, but is still rarely put to great use. By providing better and clearer insights gleaned from this data, this can significantly contribute to the success of future events, a point made very clear by Milde.

In all question-and-answer sessions after the lectures as well as in the talks during the breaks, a current topic was highly present: data protection. It became very clear, that there is an enormous need for information here. With Dr. Ralf Schadowski, Managing Director and Partner, ADDAG GmbH & Co.KG, the symposium was able to offer a speaker who, on the basis of his profound expertise, brought this topic to life in a very clear and understandable manner. His presentation delighted the participants and the overwhelming feedback was. "WOW - Privacy does not have to be dry and boring - great talk!”

The participants then spent a large part of the afternoon in one of the five workshops that the partners of the EvenTech Alliance conducted in cooperation with speakers or other partners such as Adventics. The topics addressed different aspects of the presentations, data analytics and dashboards, location based services, social channels for marketing – addressing the current day to day work-challenges faced by the participants.

Consistently very positive feedback from the participants

"Exciting workshop topics! It was not easy to choose one, "one of the guests explained. In general, the participants were absolutely satisfied with the event. "Well selected target group! We all have similar challenges, that is great for networking", one participant praised the make up of the audience. Likewise, all lectures offered exactly the aspects that organizers are currently dealing with, as was emphasised by the very engaging Q&A following each session.

"The renewed success of this event confirms that the events industry currently has a very high need for up-to-date information, and that there’s a strong desire to build networks with peers to exchange ideas and best practices," Ziegler is convinced. "Even for us as a service provider, such industry meetings are extremely valuable in order to adapt our products and services to the needs of our customers."


The services of the individual partners at a glance

XING Events is the only provider to combine event management software and a business network. With the help of XING Events, event organisers worldwide have already sold and billed more than 8 million tickets for more than 210,000 professional events. As part of XING SE, the social network for professional contacts, XING Events connects more than 12 million members in German-speaking countries with the right events. As the expert for professional events, it creates a bridge between the online and offline world and brings people together at events.

Heidelberg Mobil is the specialist for the spatial representation of locations within the EvenTech Allliance. Heterogeneous data volumes and short implementation times, typical of the event industry, are easily handled thanks to the extremely powerful Deep Map ™ technology. In addition to the realistic representation of buildings and terrains, the mapping technology impresses with tailor-made location-based services, interactive orientation and navigation, precise spatial analysis and enormous marketing potential - for highly efficient, dynamic event management.

Eventbase is an industry expert in the design and development of mobile enterprise event and trade show applications with agenda planning, interactive floor plans based on the Deep Map ™ SDK and indoor navigation. Visitor networking and smart recommendations on exhibitors, products, and events help maximize attendee engagement, delivering the perfect mobile event experience.

Since 1998 ADITUS offers solutions in the visitor management of international trade fairs. Positioning as a driver of innovation in the specialized trade fair market should also be underpinned and further developed in the future. In 2016, ADITUS has accompanied more than 200 trade fairs in six countries on four continents with its products, six of the ten largest German trade fair companies rely on solutions from ADITUS.



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