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Winning more attendees – XING helps you to promote your event to the right audience

Get access to more than 10 mill. XING users and promote your event in a relevant business context.

Our XING Eventmarkt offers a lush number of possibilities to promote your event in a targeted fashion.

The marketing offering consists of an intelligent combination of innovative marketing solutions, such as targeted ads, highlight banners, and the viral effects of a meaningful referral marketing. 

We look forward to getting in touch with you and helping you in the orchestration of the right mix of our event marketing instruments.

  • More ticket sales: Increase your event’s awareness significantly by means of the reach our XING Eventmarkt offers (more than 1.5 mill. visitors per month)

  • Reach your relevant audience: Our highly targeted advertising tools allow you to reach prospective attendees, with minimum wastage

  • Effective lead generation: Your event’s representation on XING allows you to generate qualified leads; who will then attract more attendees by means of viral recommendations

  • Tracking and reporting: Find out how many visitors have come across your event page on XING, by means of which campaigns; also, get to know who they were 



“The targeted promotion to our audience on the social network XING has successfully increased the awareness for our Online Marketing Rockstars conference.”

Jasper Ramm, Online Marketing Rockstars



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